Easy Cabbage Soup – Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe

The simplest meals can typically be the most rewarding, and cabbage soup certainly fits the bill as it can be made quickly and easily.

Whether created for a filling lunch or as part of a cozy dinner with the family, it can also help you lose some pounds.

Easy Cabbage Soup - Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe

A full batch can also be ready within an hour while keeping you nourished for a long period of time so you do not feel hungry and tempted to binge on some treats.

To learn about a weight-loss cabbage soup recipe you can trust, read on. 

If you are wondering if you can lose weight by eating cabbage soup then you should be relieved to know that you can.

As well as being healthy, cabbage soup comes packed with tasty vegetables and it is really easy to make. This should be a vegan recipe too so you know it will be suitable for most people.

The recipe should also be keto-friendly due to it including many ingredients that have few carbohydrates. 

Quick Answer: Easy Cabbage Soup

Cabbage soup is a delicious and quick meal to make when you’re aiming to lose weight. It’s also relatively inexpensive as you should already have most of the ingredients in your pantry, so you could whip up a batch right now! Plus, you don’t need many culinary skills to make cabbage soup – just prepare the vegetables, mix them altogether, and enjoy your handiwork!

Cabbage Soup Ingredients

A lot of the ingredients for weight-loss cabbage soup should already be available in your pantry so you may not have to buy any from the store.

That includes canned diced tomatoes, dried oregano, dried basil, olive oil, salt, with ground black pepper which you should have to hand.

The fresh cabbage should be chopped into small, bite-sized pieces for even cooking so you will need a chopping board and a sharp knife.

Other vegetables include carrots, which may alter the color of the soup, and celery which will add texture to the consistency of the soup. 

Dried, concentrated vegetable broth is an easy way to create the bulk of the cabbage soup as you only need to add boiling water and give it a stir in a separate jug.

Then again, vegetable broth is a component that you can create from scratch and then use for plenty of different recipes as it should be versatile and packed full of flavor.

A finely chopped onion is another vital ingredient that will come at the start of the cooking process, as will minced garlic to bring a burst of flavor. 

The Ingredients List

Easy Cabbage Soup - Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe

The full list of ingredients for this version of cabbage soup should include a full head of cabbage.

Other ingredients should be readily available from the store including fresh yellow onion, carrots, celery stalks, and tomatoes.

You may buy a 14oz can of diced tomatoes or simply weigh that out in tomatoes and chop them up yourself. 

  • A cabbage head cut into one-inch chunks, which should amount to about four cups
  • A medium-sized yellow onion, finely diced
  • Two carrots, chopped
  • Three celery stalks, chopped
  • Three minced garlic cloves
  • Vegetable broth, eight cups in total
  • 14oz tomatoes, diced
  • Tomato paste, two tablespoons
  • Olive oil, a single tablespoon
  • Salt, half a teaspoon
  • Ground black pepper, half a teaspoon
  • Dried oregano, half a teaspoon
  • Dried basil, half a teaspoon

The Method For Making Cabbage Soup

Easy Cabbage Soup - Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe

You do not need to be a culinary genius to make a batch of cabbage soup as there are some basic cooking techniques. 

Sauté Your Vegetables

First, you will need to sauté the vegetables to unlock a lot of the flavor. Heat your olive oil over a medium to high heat in a big enough pot and then add the finely chopped onion and minced garlic. 

Only cook the onion and garlic for around two minutes until they become tender.

While the onion and garlic are cooking, chop up your carrots and celery stalks to add to the pot with some salt and maybe some pepper to taste.

Cook these vegetables for a further five minutes and they should have softened up.

Add The Bulk Of Your Ingredients

Most of a batch of cabbage soup is the cabbage, vegetable broth, and canned tomatoes. You can use freshly diced tomatoes too if you have them to hand and prefer a more nutrient-high soup.

Of course, the chopped head of cabbage is the key ingredient so treat it well and chop it into small enough pieces so that each one takes on plenty of flavors. 

The vegetable broth is another ingredient that you can use fresh, which can take a while, though you can use a cube and add boiling water.

Once you have added your cabbage, vegetable broth, and diced tomatoes, you will need some herbs.

Though you can add some different herbs, the ones that typically get used in cabbage soup are dried basil and oregano.

At this point, you should also add your tomato paste which will affect the color as well as the flavor.

Combine The Ingredients

Stir it all up as you want to create a consistent flavor throughout the batch of soup. You also want to make sure that each component of the soup is evenly cooked.

Use a wooden spoon that you can leave on the side to stir the pot from time to time. 

The Cooking

Once all of your ingredients are fully combined, you can begin to cook your cabbage soup in earnest.

Bring the mixture to the boil and then bring the heat down to low to allow the soup to simmer for between 15 and 20 minutes.

Give the soup a stir every few minutes or so and you should be able to check if the vegetables, including the cabbage, are tender.

You may prefer your soup to be thinner, in which case you can add some water or more vegetable broth and then stir it in.

After that 20 minutes, your cabbage soup should be hot and ready to serve. You can also add a fresh garnish of freshly chopped dill, though you can use parsley too. 

Variations On The Cabbage Soup

Easy Cabbage Soup - Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe

You can add protein to this cabbage soup by adding some meat such as ground beef.

Simply add it to the recipe while you are cooking the minced garlic cloves with finely diced onion then make sure that it cooks evenly and fully browns.

You can follow the rest of the recipe as it is and it should be noticeably thicker.

To add some more vegetables to your cabbage soup, choose from cauliflower, bell peppers, and green beans. For a spicy variation of cabbage soup, you can add a pinch of red pepper chili flakes.

You may also add a garnish like some freshly chopped dill or maybe some parsley. Though dried basil and oregano are used in this recipe, you can use fresh herbs too. 

How You Should Serve Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup

There are several ways of serving this weight-loss cabbage soup though not all of them are ideal if you are looking to stick to a healthy keto-friendly diet.

Though full of carbohydrates, you can dip a bread roll in your cabbage soup. You may also serve this cabbage soup with a bowl of spicy and crunchy keto-friendly cheese chips. 

How To Store Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup

Once you have had a few servings of weight-loss cabbage soup, you should look to keep it for another time.

That means storing it properly and that can include in the refrigerator. Pour the cabbage soup into an airtight container and leave it in the refrigerator for around a week. 

Once you are ready to eat another serving of the cabbage soup, pour it into a bowl and then reheat it in the microwave for three minutes or cook it on your stovetop.

You can also store your weight-loss cabbage soup in the freezer using individual freezer bags.

The Nutritional Value Of A Serving Of Cabbage Soup

This weight-loss cabbage soup will come with plenty of nutrients but come low in calories.

You can expect a total of 62kcal in calories from each serving and there should be eight servings in total from this recipe.

Each serving will include a total of eight grams of carbohydrates with six grams being considered net carbohydrates. 

There should also be a single gram of protein, two grams of fiber, and two grams of fat. With each serving of this soup, you should also expect a total of six grams of sugar. 

What Is Cabbage Soup?

Easy Cabbage Soup - Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe

As you may expect, fresh cabbage is the main ingredient in cabbage soup.

Once cooked, the soup should be low in calories and savory in taste coming with a broth base that can be created in several different ways.

Like many soups, cabbage soup can be incredibly versatile using various ingredients and cooking methods to suit a variety of tastes. 

You should note that cabbage soup typically uses little oil to make the most of the taste of fresh ingredients.

Along with cabbage, a recipe for cabbage soup should include carrots, onions, celery, tomatoes, and even a range of herbs and spices.

Cabbage soup should also be high in nutritional value while remaining low in calories. 

Cabbage soup is typically keto-friendly but it is important to realize that not every single recipe will be ideal for a keto diet (Also check out Keto Soup Recipes).

That’s especially the case if you see potatoes, white beans, and other carb-heavy ingredients on the ingredients list.

With the right ingredients in a weight-loss recipe for cabbage soup, you should be looking at under 100 calories for each serving. 

The best recipes for weight-loss cabbage soup should be easy to make and can be prepared in advance.

You may only need ten minutes of preparation to get all the ingredients in order and they are naturally low in carbohydrates with plenty of nutrients.

The ideal recipe should be full of flavor and ingredients that have anti-inflammatory value so they boost your immune systems. As one pot recipes, there should not be much washing up to do either.  

Final Thoughts

Creating a batch of weight loss cabbage soup should be easy to create and you should be able to add your own variations.

That could include different vegetables, fresh herbs instead of dried ones, and adding a bit more spice.

The ingredients are typically low in carbohydrates making this an ideal recipe for weight loss and remaining on a keto-friendly diet.

Finally, unless you decide to cook the soup in a slow cooker, you should only need a single large pot to create a batch of this soup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Freeze Cabbage Soup?

Should you create a large batch of weight-loss cabbage soup, you should find it versatile enough to freeze easily.

Wait for the cabbage soup to cool and then pour it into individual freezer-safe bags. Once frozen, each serving of soup can be kept for a maximum of two months.

Can You Make Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup In A Slow Cooker?

If you like to use a slow cooker you should be pleased to know that you can cook weight-loss cabbage soup in one.

You will still need to use a pan to sauté the diced onion, chopped carrots, celery stalks, and minced garlic first.

That’s only for about four minutes so make sure that you add the rest of your ingredients and then give it a good stir to ensure that the mixture is fully combined.

Transfer the entire mixture to the slow cooker, place on the lid, and then cook the cabbage soup on a high setting for two hours.

Easy Cabbage Soup – Weight-Loss Cabbage Soup Recipe

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  • A cabbage head cut into one-inch chunks, which should amount to about four cups

  • A medium-sized yellow onion, finely diced

  • Two carrots, chopped

  • Three celery stalks, chopped

  • Three minced garlic cloves

  • Vegetable broth, eight cups in total

  • 14oz tomatoes, diced

  • Tomato paste, two tablespoons

  • Olive oil, a single tablespoon

  • Salt, half a teaspoon

  • Ground black pepper, half a teaspoon

  • Dried oregano, half a teaspoon

  • Dried basil, half a teaspoon


  • Sauté Your Vegetables
  • Add The Bulk Of Your Ingredients
  • Combine The Ingredients
  • The Cooking
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