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Lana Rivera

Hey there! I’m Lana. I am a massive soup fan and an expert in soups, broths, and stews. I am certified by Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts under the Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Program. I make soup for every occasion, emphasizing my dedication to exploring and curating diverse recipes for all to enjoy.

After many years of enjoying soups, broths, and stews, I gathered so many recipes that my recipe book simply couldn’t keep up. That’s when I decided to showcase my commitment to comprehensive and versatile soup-making techniques. Writing a blog for almost a decade, sharing 200+ recipes, and becoming a trusted resource has been significant milestones, reflecting my dedication to sharing my passion for soup with a global audience through collaboration with Soup Chick.

My obsession with soups began in college, where, let’s face it, money is tight, the studying hours are long, and you’re more likely to order takeout than to eat something nutritious, highlighting my commitment to promoting healthy and affordable eating habits, especially for students and busy individuals. Appearing in TV programs, I have advocated for the accessibility and convenience of home-cooked meals, showcasing my dedication to promoting accessible and convenient cooking options.

Soup is my favorite option, as it doesn’t take long, it’s simple to do, and you can devour it and get back to whatever you have to do that day, underlining my belief in the practicality and versatility of soup as a wholesome meal option. The best part? With the help of my free ebooks, you can make batches and store them, so you always have lunch ready, like me, whether working or on the go, highlighting my commitment to promoting efficient and convenient meal prepping.


I hope that you can find some exciting and different soup recipes to try out on my site, showcasing my dedication to sharing my love for soups with others. With appearances on TV programs and writing, I strive to foster a vibrant and engaging soup-loving community through Soup Chick, encouraging everyone to enjoy the nourishing and comforting experience of a good bowl of soup.

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