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About Us

Eating soups and broths is a great way to maintain a balanced diet. Soups are simple to make, do not take much time, and can tantalize your taste buds!

Hello! Welcome to, where we are dedicated to being your go-to specialists for all things soup. Soup is 100% a comfort food, beloved by all. When you don’t feel like cooking an extensive meal, or you just want a snack to warm you up, or something to eat while watching your favorite TV shows- soup will be there for you.

Soup truly makes the taste buds sing. It is hearty, warming, filling, delicious, and an excellent way to make use of all of the ingredients in your refrigerator or pantry!

Soup can also be a great way to lose weight or make healthy food choices. You can incorporate powerhouse ingredients, all of your necessary fruits and veggies, and create your own flavors, ensuring you savor every spoonful of health and taste.

That way, it never gets boring, and you are getting all of the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay fit, healthy, and strong, guided by our expertise in crafting flavorful and nutritious soups.

Here at Soup Chick, we have an extensive collection of diverse soup recipes for you. Far too many people avoid having soup or broths because they think that it is a boring or bland meal. That could not be further from the truth!

We have classic soup recipes, of course- from French Onion, to baked potato soup and simple chicken broths. But, we also have some amazing and unique recipes to try, curated by our team of professionals and experienced chefs.

Whether you want to try out a slow cooker beef stew, Chinese chicken noodle soup, Thai soups, Japanese clear soup, or perhaps you want to replicate your most beloved soup from Olive Garden or Panera, we have it all.

Soup can soothe the soul and make you feel good. Join our page to start making soups exciting again, with the guidance of our qualified and masterful team who are passionate about creating diverse and delicious soup recipes! Explore the world of soups with us and turn every mealtime into a delightful culinary adventure, led by our team of dedicated authorities in the art of soup-making.

Our Free Cookbooks

52 Seasonal Soup Recipes:

Explore the richness of the seasons with our comprehensive collection of 52 diverse soup recipes, carefully crafted to complement each time and season of the year. From refreshing chilled soups for the warmth of summer to hearty, comforting bowls for the chill of winter, indulge in a wide range of flavors and ingredients that celebrate the essence of every season.

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22 Weightloss Soup Recipes: 

Ready to start your weight loss journey? Embark on a wholesome and satisfying journey with our curated selection of 22 nourishing soup recipes. These soups are designed with nutritious ingredients and flavors to support your wellness goals while providing a delicious and fulfilling dining experience.

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To meet the faces behind Soup Chick and discover our culinary inspirations, head to our Meet The Team page.