25- Minutes Hearty Sausage Soup- Easy Homemade Recipe

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Satisfy your cravings with our Hearty Sausage Soup Recipe! Plump sausages and a medley of vegetables come together in a flavorful bowl that’s both comforting and robust. Each spoonful is a journey through layers of savory goodness, where the smoky richness of sausages meets the heartiness of vegetables. Dive into a bowl of culinary satisfaction, where warmth and flavor harmonize in perfect balance. It’s not just soup; it’s a flavorful adventure that’ll have you savoring every bite with pure satisfaction.

Winter whispers outside. Inside, a pot simmers. The aroma? Inviting. Comforting. The main star? Hearty sausage. This soup isn’t just a meal. It’s an experience. Each spoonful bursts with robust flavors. 

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Fresh vegetables dance with savory broth. The sausage adds depth, warmth, and a touch of nostalgia. Memories of Grandma’s kitchen resurface. Every ingredient plays its part perfectly. It’s more than sustenance. 

It’s soul-soothing. Whether you’re battling chilly weather or seeking solace after a long day, this soup promises a warm embrace. Dive in. Let your senses revel. A culinary journey awaits. 

Welcome to the world of Hearty Sausage Soup. Dive into this unforgettable gastronomical exploration, one spoonful at a time.

What Is Hearty Sausage Soup?

Hearty Sausage Soup is a robust, comforting dish that combines savory sausages with fresh vegetables and a rich broth. It captures the essence of home-cooked warmth, evoking memories of family dinners and cozy evenings. 

Beyond its delicious taste, this soup provides a fulfilling, nourishing meal, perfect for cold days or when you need a touch of comfort. Each bite delivers a perfect harmony of flavors, making Hearty Sausage Soup a beloved choice for many.

hearty sausage soup

Can You Vary The Recipe With Other Ingredients?

  • Keto Skip beans and rice, adding zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice. Use high-fat sausage and add more vegetables.
  • Paleo Avoid processed ingredients like canned tomato soup and BBQ sauce. Make a homemade tomato base and use natural sweeteners or dates for sweetness.
  • Gluten-Free Ensure that the sausage and BBQ sauce are gluten-free brands. Many sausages contain fillers, so read the labels carefully.
  • Whole30 Replace canned soup with fresh tomatoes and bone broth. Ensure sausages are compliant, avoiding sugars and additives.
  • Vegetarian Substitute sausage with a plant-based alternative or hearty vegetables like mushrooms.
  • Vegan Along with the vegetarian swaps, add vegan BBQ sauce and nutritional yeast for a flavor boost.
hearty sausage soup

Recipe Directions 

  1. Brown sausage with bell pepper and onion in a skillet over medium-high heat. Drain excess grease.
  2. Stir in garbanzo beans, barbeque sauce, pork and beans, water, and tomato soup.
  3. Simmer on low for 15 minutes.
  4. Add instant rice and cook for 5 more minutes. Serve warm.
hearty sausage soup

Variations, Add-Ons, And Toppings 


  • Spice it up: Use spicy sausage or add chili flakes for heat.
  • Veggie Boost: Incorporate kale, spinach, or diced carrots for added nutrition.


  • Grains: Consider adding barley or quinoa for a heartier texture.
  • Protein Punch: Throw in shredded chicken or diced ham for more protein.
  • Herbal Infusion: Fresh herbs like basil, oregano, or cilantro can elevate the flavor.


  • Cheese: A sprinkle of grated parmesan or cheddar adds richness.
  • Cream: A dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt brings tangy creaminess.
  • Crunch: Top with croutons or toasted bread cubes.
hearty sausage soup

Can I Make Hearty Sausage Soup In A Slow Cooker Or Instant Pot?

Slow Cooker

  • Browning: Start by browning the sausage, onion, and green bell pepper in a skillet. This step is essential for developing a deep flavor.
  • Transfer: Move the browned mixture to the slow cooker, making sure to drain any excess grease.
  • Ingredients: Add garbanzo beans, barbeque sauce, pork and beans, water, and tomato soup to the slow cooker.
  • Cook: Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours.
  • Serve: Adjust seasoning if necessary and serve hot.

Instant Pot

  • Sauté Mode: Use the sauté function to brown the sausage, onion, and bell pepper inside the Instant Pot.
  • Drain: Remove excess grease if necessary.
  • Ingredients: Add garbanzo beans, barbeque sauce, pork and beans, water, and tomato soup. Mix well.
  • Pressure Cook: Seal the Instant Pot and set it to manual high pressure for 10 minutes.
  • Natural Release: Once cooked, allow the pot to release pressure naturally for about 10 minutes, then perform a quick release.
hearty sausage soup

Can I Use Store Bought Broth, Or Should I Make My Own?

Store-Bought Broth

  • Convenience: Perfect for when you’re short on time or don’t have the ingredients to make your own.
  • Consistency: Offers a predictable flavor and salt content.
  • Variety: Many types are available, including low-sodium, organic, or bone broth options.

Homemade Broth

  • Flavor Depth: Tailor the richness and seasonings to your preference.
  • No Additives: Control over ingredients means no preservatives or excessive sodium.
  • Economical: Utilize leftover bones and veggie scraps, reducing waste.
hearty sausage soup

How To Serve ?

  • Bowl Choice: Use deep, wide bowls to showcase the soup’s rich ingredients.
  • Garnish: A sprinkle of fresh parsley, grated cheese, or a dollop of sour cream can enhance visual appeal and taste.
  • Accompaniments: Offer crusty bread, a side salad, or garlic toast to complement the soup’s heartiness.
  • Temperature: Serve piping hot. Consider using warmed bowls to retain heat.
  • Drink Pairing: A glass of red wine or a chilled beer can accompany the meal nicely.
hearty sausage soup

Perfect Side Dishes

  • Crusty Bread: Warm, freshly baked bread is perfect for soaking up the soup’s rich broth.
  • Garlic Toast: Adds a crunchy texture and garlicky flavor that pairs beautifully with the soup.
  • Green Salad: A light, crisp salad with vinaigrette balances the soup’s heartiness.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Enhance the meal’s depth with vegetables roasted in olive oil and herbs.
  • Cheese Plate: A selection of cheeses can complement the sausage’s flavors and provide a contrasting texture.
  • Grilled Polenta: A smooth texture and slight corn flavor accompany the soup.
hearty sausage soup

Storage And Make Ahead

  • Make Ahead: Prepare the soup base and cook the sausage in advance. Store them separately in the refrigerator.
  • Storage: Cool the soup and sausage completely before transferring them to airtight containers. Refrigerate for up to 3-4 days.
  • Reheating: Reheat the soup base gently on the stovetop over low heat. Add cooked sausage just before serving to retain its flavors and textures.
  • Vegetable Maintenance: Store any additional cooked vegetables separately to prevent them from becoming mushy.
  • Garnish Fresh: Add a sprinkle of chopped parsley or grated Parmesan upon serving to enhance flavor and presentation.
hearty sausage soup

What Can We Do With Leftovers?

  • Stuffed Bell Peppers: Use the soup as a filling, top with cheese, and bake.
  • Casserole Base: Mix with pasta or rice, top with breadcrumbs and cheese, then bake.
  • Tacos or Burritos: Use as a flavorful filling for a unique twist.
  • Pasta Sauce: Simmer until slightly thickened and toss with cooked pasta.
  • Shepherd’s Pie: Use as the bottom layer, topped with mashed potatoes, and bake.
  • Grain Bowls: Pair with quinoa or rice; add fresh veggies for a wholesome meal.


  • Sausage Selection: Choose a hearty sausage like Italian or chorizo for robust flavor.
  • Vegetable Variety: Incorporate a variety of vegetables like carrots, celery, and bell peppers for depth.
  • Broth Enrichment: Use a combination of chicken broth and diced tomatoes for a rich base.
  • Bean Boost: Add beans like cannellini or kidney for protein and heartiness.
  • Herb Infusion: Finish with fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary for aromatic complexity.
25- Minutes Hearty Sausage Soup- Easy Homemade Recipe

25- Minutes Hearty Sausage Soup- Easy Homemade Recipe

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Dive into the robust flavors of Hearty Sausage Soup, a tantalizing blend of Italian sausage, wholesome beans, and aromatic vegetables, simmered to perfection.


  • 1 1/2 Lbs 1 1/2 Mild Italian Sausage (Bulk)

  • 1 1 Onion (Chopped)

  • 1 1 Green Bell Pepper (Chopped)

  • 10.75 Oz 10.75 Tomato Soup

  • 1 Cup 1 Water

  • 16 Oz 16 Pork And Beans

  • 1/2 Cup 1/2 Barbeque Sauce

  • 16 Oz 16 Garbanzo Beans (Drained)

  • 3/4 Cup 3/4 Instant White Rice

Step-By-Step Directions

  • Preparation Steps
    Gather all ingredients.
    Finely chop the onion and green bell pepper.
    Measure out the required amounts of other ingredients for easy access.
  • Cooking
    In a large skillet over medium-high heat, add the chopped bell pepper, onion, and sausage.
    Stir frequently, ensuring the sausage gets evenly browned, crumbly, and fully cooked, showing no pink hues.
    Once done, carefully drain and discard the excess grease from the skillet.
  • Blending
    To the skillet, incorporate garbanzo beans, barbeque sauce, pork and beans, water, and tomato soup.
    Thoroughly mix, ensuring the sausage blend is evenly distributed with the added ingredients.
  • Final Touches
    Reduce the heat to a low setting. Allow the mixture to simmer gently for about 15 minutes, letting flavors meld.
    Stir in the instant white rice.
    Continue to cook for an additional 5 minutes, or until the rice becomes tender and absorbs the flavors.
  • Serving
    Once cooked to perfection, transfer the soup into serving bowls.
    Garnish with fresh herbs or grated cheese if desired, and serve warm with crusty bread on the side.
  • Large Skillet
  • Soup Pot or Dutch Oven
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Knife & Cutting Board
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons
  • Colander
  • Ladle
  • Airtight Containers
  • Thermometer


  • The soup’s consistency can be adjusted with additional water or broth as desired.
  • Fresh herbs, such as basil or thyme, can be added for enhanced flavor.
  • Consider blending half the soup and mixing it back in for a creamier texture.
  • Always taste and adjust seasonings before serving.
  • The soup’s flavor intensifies the next day, making it perfect for leftovers.

Nutrition Table 

hearty sausage soup

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