25- Minutes Curried Spinach Soup Recipe – A Quick And Healthy Choice

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“Immerse yourself in the exotic embrace of our Curried Spinach Soup Recipe. Verdant spinach, bursting with nature’s goodness, swirls in a golden broth infused with aromatic spices straight from India’s heartland. Each mouthful is a tantalizing play of creamy texture and vibrant curry notes, creating a tapestry of flavors that dances on the palate. Revel in this soul-warming concoction, where ancient recipes meet contemporary cravings, and every sip tells a story of spices and splendor.”

Once humble spinach meets exotic curry, magic happens. This union transforms a simple leafy green into a decadent, aromatic delight. Curried Spinach Soup tempts the senses with its vivid color and enticing aroma. 

Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

Every spoonful promises a journey through vibrant flavors and textures. Fresh ingredients dance together, celebrating a fusion of traditions. This isn’t just a soup; it’s an experience. Dive into this culinary masterpiece and uncover a world where tradition meets innovation. 

Welcome to the spellbinding allure of Curried Spinach Soup. Dive in, and let the adventure begin.

What Is Curried Spinach Soup?

Curried Spinach Soup is a flavorful blend of fresh spinach and aromatic spices, primarily curry. The soup combines the nutrient-rich goodness of spinach with the warmth and depth of traditional curry seasonings. With its vibrant green hue and rich, creamy texture, it offers a culinary journey that is both comforting and exotic. 

This dish marries the health benefits of leafy greens with the spice-filled essence of curry, creating a delightful fusion that pleases both the palate and the soul.

Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

Can You Vary The Recipe With Other Ingredients?

  • Keto: Replace potatoes with cauliflower for a low-carb twist. Opt for full-fat sour cream or cream cheese.
  • Paleo: Use sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. Replace all-purpose flour with arrowroot powder or tapioca starch. Substitute nonfat sour cream with coconut cream.
  • Gluten-Free: Swap all-purpose flour with a gluten-free flour mix or cornstarch.
  • Whole30: Follow the Paleo suggestions, ensuring all ingredients, especially chicken broth, contain no added sugars or non-compliant additives.
  • Vegetarian: Use vegetable broth in place of chicken broth.
  • Vegan: Along with the vegetarian swap, replace sour cream with vegan yogurt or cashew cream, and ensure olive oil or another plant-based oil is used.
Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

Recipe Directions 

  1. Boil the potato until tender, then drain.
  2. In a pot, sauté green onions in 2 tbsp olive oil. Add potatoes and spinach till limp.
  3. Puree mixture.
  4. In the same pot, heat the remaining oil. Add flour and curry. Gradually add broth.
  5. Mix in spinach puree, lemon juice, and cook until thick.
  6. Blend 1 cup hot soup with sour cream. Add back into the pot. Warm it, but don’t boil it.
  7. Serve hot.
Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

Variations, Add-Ons, And Toppings


  • Creaminess: Use coconut milk or cashew cream for a dairy-free, vegan alternative that’s equally rich.
  • Protein Boost: Incorporate lentils or chickpeas for added protein and texture.


  • Veggies: Roasted red peppers or sautéed mushrooms can elevate the soup’s flavor profile.
  • Spices: Add a pinch of cumin or turmeric for depth and warmth.


  • Crunch: Toasted pumpkin seeds, croutons, or crispy chickpeas offer a delightful contrast.
  • Herbs: Fresh cilantro, basil, or parsley add color and freshness.
  • Zest: A lemon or lime zest sprinkle can brighten the soup’s flavor.
  • Heat: Drizzle chili oil or a sprinkle of red pepper flakes for a spicy kick.
Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

Can I Make Curried Spinach Soup In A Slow Cooker Or Instant Pot?

Slow Cooker

  • Sauté green onions and potatoes in a skillet with olive oil. Transfer to the slow cooker.
  • Add spinach, curry powder, and broth. Cook on low for 4-5 hours until everything softens.
  • Before serving, blend to the desired consistency and stir in the tempered sour cream mixture.

Instant Pot

  • Use the “Sauté” mode for the green onions and potatoes. Add spinach and cook until wilted.
  • Add curry powder and broth. Seal the Instant Pot and cook on “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” for 10 minutes.
  • Quick release, blend, and then incorporate the tempered sour cream.
Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

Can I Use Store Bought Broth, Or Should I Make My Own?

Store-Bought Broth

  • Convenience: It’s quick and easy, especially when short on time.
  • Consistency: Commercial broths have a standardized flavor and salt content.
  • Variety: Available in various types, like low-sodium, organic, or bone broth.

Homemade Broth

  • Flavor Control: You can tailor the taste according to your preference.
  • No Additives: Free from preservatives or artificial flavorings.
  • Cost-effective: Can be made from vegetable scraps or leftover bones, maximizing kitchen resources.
Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

How To Serve ?

  • Temperature: Serve the soup piping hot, but avoid letting it boil once the sour cream is added, as this can affect texture.
  • Garnish: Enhance with a dollop of sour cream, a sprinkle of fresh herbs (e.g., cilantro or parsley), or toasted seeds for added crunch.
  • Bread Pairing: To complement its rich flavors, offer crusty bread or naan on the side.
  • Texture: If desired, add some crumbled feta or toasted pine nuts for an extra layer of texture and flavor.
  • Presentation: Use warm bowls to retain heat and serve with a garnished lemon slice for a fresh appeal.
Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

Perfect Side Dishes

  • Crusty Bread: Freshly baked ciabatta or baguette beautifully soaks up the soup’s flavors.
  • Grilled Naan: This Indian bread, brushed with ghee or butter, enhances the curry notes.
  • Salads: A crisp, tangy salad with arugula, mango, and a light vinaigrette balances the soup’s richness.
  • Samosas: These savory pastries, filled with vegetables or meat, complement the curry profile.
  • Rice Pilaf: A fragrant rice dish with nuts and raisins adds a hearty touch.
Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

Storage And Make Ahead

  • Make Ahead: Prepare the soup base and sautéed vegetables in advance. Store them separately in the refrigerator.
  • Storage: Cool the soup and vegetables completely before transferring them to airtight containers. Refrigerate for up to 3-4 days.
  • Reheating: Reheat the soup base gently on the stovetop over low heat. Add cooked vegetables just before serving to maintain their texture.
  • Flavor Development: Allow the flavors to meld by letting the soup sit for a few hours or overnight before serving.
  • Garnish Fresh: Top with a dollop of yogurt or a sprinkle of chopped cilantro upon serving for added freshness and flavor.
Curried Spinach Soup Recipe

What Can We Do With Leftovers? 

  • Smoothie Base: Blend with yogurt or a banana for a savory green smoothie kick.
  • Pasta Sauce: Reduce until thickened and toss with your favorite pasta or zoodles.
  • Grain Bowl: Pour over cooked quinoa, rice, or couscous, topped with veggies and proteins.
  • Pie Filling: Use as a base for a vegetable pie or pot pie, adding some cooked veggies or meat.
  • Baked Eggs: Pour into a baking dish, make wells, crack eggs, and bake for a spin on shakshuka.
  • Curry Base: Add cooked chickpeas, tofu, or chicken to make a quick curry.


  • Curry Base: Develop a flavorful base with sautéed onions, garlic, and curry spices like turmeric, cumin, and coriander.
  • Creamy Texture: Add coconut milk or heavy cream for a rich and velvety consistency.
  • Leafy Greens: Incorporate fresh spinach for vibrant color and added nutrients.
  • Balanced Seasoning: Adjust the amount of curry powder and salt to taste for a perfectly seasoned soup.
  • Garnish Elegance: Finish with a swirl of yogurt or a sprinkle of toasted coconut for a delightful presentation.
25- Minutes Curried Spinach Soup Recipes - A Quick And Healthy Choice

25- Minutes Curried Spinach Soup Recipes – A Quick And Healthy Choice

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Prep time


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A velvety blend of fresh spinach and tender potatoes, this soup marries the warmth of curry with the creaminess of sour cream. Each spoonful delivers a symphony of flavors, making it a comforting choice for any meal.


  • 1 1 Potato  (Large, Peeled And Cubed)

  • 6 Tablespoons 6 Olive Oil

  • 1/2 Cup 1/2 Green Onions  (Chopped)

  • 1/2 Cup 1/2 Spinach (Rinsed, Stemmed, And Dried)

  • 1/3 Cup 1/3 All-Purpose Flour

  • 2 Teaspoons 2 Curry Powder

  • 4 Cup 4 Chicken Broth

  • 1 Tablespoons 1 Lemon Juice

  • 8 Ounce 8 Nonfat Sour Cream

Step-By-Step Directions 

  • Preparation Steps
    Potato Prep: In a saucepan, add the potato and fill with enough water to cover. Bring this to a boil until the potato is tender. Once cooked, drain the water and set the potato aside.
    Green Onion Sauté: Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large saucepan or soup pot. Gently cook the green onions until they turn tender.
    Spinach Addition: Introduce the previously boiled potatoes to the saucepan. Gradually incorporate the spinach, stirring continuously until each batch of spinach turns limp.
  • Blending
    Transfer the spinach-onion-potato mixture to a blender or food processor. Blitz until you achieve a smooth consistency.
  • Cooking
    In the emptied pot, pour the remaining olive oil. Whisk in the flour, followed by the curry powder. To this roux, gradually whisk the chicken broth, ensuring a smooth, lump-free texture.
    Return your blended spinach mixture to the pot. Integrate well. Add the lemon juice. On medium heat, continue stirring the soup until it thickens.
  • Final Touches
    Take your sour cream in a separate medium-sized bowl. Extract about a cup of the hot soup, blending it thoroughly with the sour cream. This tempers the cream, preventing it from curdling.
  • Serving
    Gently stir this creamy mixture back into the main soup pot. Ensure it’s heated throughout, but don’t let it boil. Once adequately warm, ladle into bowls and serve immediately.
  • Saucepan or Soup Pot
  • Food Processor or Blender
  • Whisk
  • Sharp Knife and Cutting Board
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Colander
  • Heat-Resistant Spatula
  • Ladle


  • Using fresh spinach ensures maximum nutrient retention.
  • Opt for homemade broth to control sodium and preservatives.
  • Adjust the curry intensity based on your preference.
  • For a vegan twist, substitute sour cream with coconut milk.
  • Store leftovers promptly in the refrigerator to maintain freshness.
  • Consider introducing toasted seeds or croutons during serving for an added texture contrast.
  • This soup pairs wonderfully with a side of crusty bread or a refreshing salad.

Nutrition Table 

Nutrition Table 

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