Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe – A Refreshing Nutritious Meal

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Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe is a great, refreshing dish. When in doubt, starting with crisp cucumbers is a good idea. I’d recommend slicing them thinly for texture. The salad features a homemade dressing rich in garlic and sesame oil. It is better to toss gently, ensuring even coating. Whereas other salads might be heavy, this one is light yet flavorful. Don’t forget a sprinkle of chili for a spicy kick. Perfect for any meal!

Embarking on a culinary journey often leads to unexpected delights, much like my experience with the Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe.

On a recent visit to a friend’s home who had just returned from exploring Middle-Eastern and European flavors, we craved something light yet tantalizing. 

Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe

The challenge? Finding a dish that captured the essence of freshness and simplicity. We decided on the Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe. This recipe’s magic lies in its simplicity and the burst of flavors it brings.

In my travels, I’ve often found that the best dishes require minimal yet high-quality ingredients, much like this salad.

The key is in the preparation – thinly sliced cucumbers, a dressing rich in aromatic garlic and sesame oil, all brought together with a hint of chili.

The result? A dish that satisfied our craving for something fresh and light and reminded us of the diverse flavors we encountered on our travels.

It’s a testament to how a simple salad can transport you to different parts of the world right from your kitchen.

What Is Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad?

Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad is a popular appetizer from the famed Din Tai Fung restaurant chain, known for its Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine. This salad features crisp, thinly sliced cucumbers tossed in a light, flavorful dressing.

The dressing blends soy sauce, sesame oil, and garlic, giving the salad a savory, slightly spicy, and aromatic profile. Often garnished with a sprinkle of chili and sesame seeds, it offers a refreshing contrast to heavier dishes.

This cucumber salad is celebrated for its simplicity, freshness, and the perfect balance of flavors, making it a favorite among diners globally.

What Is The Origin Of Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe?

The origin of the Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad recipe is intertwined with the story of Din Tai Fung itself, a restaurant that began in Taiwan.

Originally a cooking oil retail shop, it transformed into a restaurant in the 1980s. The cucumber salad, a staple in Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine, was adapted into Din Tai Fung’s menu, reflecting the region’s culinary traditions.

This dish combines the simplicity and freshness valued in Taiwanese cooking with a distinct flavor profile.

It represents Din Tai Fung’s philosophy: transforming humble ingredients into exquisite dishes. The salad has since become synonymous with the restaurant’s commitment to quality and flavor.

Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe

Ingredients List

Persian cucumbers8 (sliced into 1/2-inch thick pieces)
Kosher salt1½ Tablespoons
Rice vinegar3 Tablespoons
Sugar2 Tablespoons
Mirin1 ½ Tablespoons
Sesame oil1 ½ Tablespoons
Garlic3 cloves (grated or minced)
Kosher salt½ teaspoon

What Are The Variations Suitable For The Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe?

Variations suitable for the Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad can add exciting twists while maintaining the dish’s essence.

Spicy Sichuan Style

Add a kick with Sichuan peppercorns, chili oil, and garlic.

Soy Sesame Delight

Enhance umami with soy sauce, sesame oil, and toasted sesame seeds..

Zesty Ginger Infusion

Introduce a zing with grated ginger and a splash of rice vinegar.

Garlic Cilantro Fusion

Amp up flavors with minced garlic and fresh cilantro.

Asian Fusion Fusion

Incorporate Thai flavors using fish sauce, lime juice, and crushed peanuts.

Sweet Chili Elegance

Drizzle sweet chili sauce for a hint of sweetness and heat.

Wasabi Soy Symphony

Infuse Japanese flair with wasabi, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar.

Mango Tango Twist

Add diced mango for a fruity, tropical touch.

What Are The Tips For The Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe?

Several tips can elevate the dish to perfection when preparing the Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad. Choose fresh, firm Persian cucumbers for the best crunch and flavor.

Slicing the cucumbers evenly, about 1/2-inch thick, ensures consistent texture. It’s a good idea to toss the cucumbers with kosher salt and let them sit briefly; this draws out excess water, enhancing the salad’s crispness.

For the dressing, homemade is always best: whisk together the ingredients until well-emulsified.

Mixing the dressing with the cucumbers ensures even coating without bruising the slices. If you’re unsure about the garlic level, start with less and adjust according to taste.

Don’t forget to chill the salad before serving – it enhances the flavors. Finally, garnishing with sesame seeds and chili adds an aesthetic and flavor boost.

Are There Any Unusual Or Exotic Ingredients That Work Well With Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe?

  • Dragon Fruit Dazzle: Introduce dragon fruit cubes for a visually striking and mildly sweet element.
  • Kaffir Lime Elegance: Infuse a citrusy fragrance using kaffir lime leaves or zest.
  • Edamame Extravaganza: Toss in steamed edamame for a protein-packed, vibrant addition.
  • Pomegranate Paradise: Sprinkle pomegranate arils for bursts of color and tartness.
  • Seaweed Serenity: Incorporate finely chopped nori or wakame for an umami-rich twist.
  • Lychee Love Affair: Include diced lychee for a sweet and juicy surprise.
  • Black Sesame Bliss: Garnish with toasted black sesame seeds for a nutty, earthy crunch.
  • Minty Magic: Add fresh mint leaves for a cooling and aromatic sensation.
Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe

Recipe Directions

Prepare The Cucumbers

  • Place sliced cucumbers in a small bowl.
  • Sprinkle with 1½ tablespoons of kosher salt and toss to combine.
  • Let the cucumbers sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Rinse And Dry

  • After 30 minutes, rinse off the salt mixture from the cucumbers.
  • Pat the cucumbers dry with a paper towel.
  • Make the Dressing
  • Whisk together the rice vinegar, mirin, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and salt in a separate small bowl.
  • Mix well and set aside.


  • Toss the rinsed and dried cucumbers with the prepared dressing.
  • Let the cucumbers marinate in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours and up to 2 days for the flavors to develop fully.


  • Before serving, taste for seasoning and add additional salt if necessary.
  • Drizzle with chili oil and sprinkle with Fresno chile.
  • Serve the salad chilled for the best experience.

Gather your loved ones and enjoy the satisfaction of making Din Tai Fung cucumber salad recipe

What Herbs And Spices Work Well In Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe?

In the Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad recipe, several herbs and spices can be used to enhance its flavor profile.

Fresh dill or mint offers a refreshing herbal note, perfect for a summery touch. With its sweet and slightly peppery flavor, Basil can also complement the cucumbers beautifully.

A pinch of ground coriander or cumin can add an earthy, warm undertone for spices.

A small amount of ground ginger or lemongrass can introduce a subtle zesty kick. If you’re looking for more heat, red pepper flakes or a dash of paprika works well.

A sprinkle of sumac can add a tangy, lemony flavor for a unique twist. Remember, the key is to use these herbs and spices judiciously to enhance, not overpower, the delicate flavors of the salad.

Salad And Recipe

Nutritional Values

The Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad is nutritionally valuable due to its fresh ingredients. Cucumbers, the main component, are low in calories yet high in water content and fiber, aiding in hydration and digestion.

The sesame oil and garlic in the dressing add heart-healthy fats and antioxidants.

Additionally, this salad is a good source of vitamins, particularly Vitamin K from cucumbers. However, due to added salt and sugar, it contains moderate sodium and sugar levels.

What Are The Total Calories In The Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe?

On average, a serving of this salad would contain approximately 100-150 calories, making it a relatively low-calorie option. 

Health Benefits Of The Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe

Hydration Boost

Cucumbers are high in water content, promoting hydration, which is crucial for overall health.

Digestive Health

The fiber in cucumbers aids in digestion and promotes gut health.

Low In Calories

This salad is an excellent choice for those monitoring their calorie intake.

Heart Health

Sesame oil contains healthy fats that can support heart health.


Garlic provides antioxidants, protecting cells from damage.

Skin Health

The high water content in cucumbers can benefit skin hydration and appearance.

Vitamin K Source

Cucumbers are a good source of Vitamin K, essential for blood clotting and bone health.

Reduced Blood Pressure

The potassium in cucumbers can help manage blood pressure levels.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Sesame oil has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces inflammation in the body.

Immune Support

Garlic is known for its immune-boosting properties.

Nutrition Table

Nutrition Table

What Dressings Are Best Served With Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe?

  • Soy-Ginger Dressing: A soy sauce and grated ginger mix adds a savory and spicy twist.
  • Sesame-Garlic Vinaigrette: Combining sesame oil with a hint of garlic creates a rich, aromatic dressing.
  • Honey-Lime Dressing: Honey and fresh lime juice work wonderfully for a sweet and tangy option.
  • Rice Vinegar Dressing: Simple yet flavorful, rice vinegar offers a subtle acidity.
  • Chili-Lime Dressing: Adding chili and lime gives a zesty and spicy kick.
  • Peanut Dressing: A creamy peanut dressing can add a nutty, savory depth.
  • Miso Dressing: A miso-based dressing offers a unique umami flavor.
  • Yuzu Vinaigrette: A Japanese citrus, Yuzu provides a distinctively refreshing taste.
  • Tamari-Sesame Dressing: Gluten-free tamari with sesame seeds caters to those avoiding gluten.
  • Wasabi Dressing: Wasabi adds a pungent, spicy edge for those who enjoy the heat.
Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe

Share The love of cooking with Din Tai Fung cucumber salad – perfect for all skill levels.

Are There Any Unique Toppings That Can Elevate The Crunch Factor Of Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe?

  • Toasted Sesame Seeds: Adds a nutty crunch and enhances the sesame flavor.
  • Crushed Peanuts: For a rich, nutty texture.
  • Fried Shallots: Offer a crispy, savory element.
  • Pomegranate Seeds: Provide a juicy crunch with a burst of sweetness.
  • Crunchy Noodles: Asian-style crunchy noodles add an extra crispy dimension.
  • Sunflower Seeds: A healthy, crunchy addition.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Contribute a unique, earthy crunch.
  • Chopped Water Chestnuts: For a mild, refreshing crunch.
  • Radish Sprouts: Add a peppery crunch.
  • Pickled Ginger: Offers a zesty, crunchy twist.
Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe

What Is The Difference Between Homemade And Store-Bought Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe?

  • Freshness: Homemade salads typically use fresher ingredients, ensuring a more vibrant taste and texture.
  • Customization: When making it at home, you can adjust ingredients like garlic, salt, and chili to suit personal preferences.
  • Healthier Options: Homemade versions allow for control over ingredients, making it possible to reduce sugar or salt for a healthier dish.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Preparing the salad at home is often more economical than buying it from a restaurant.
  • Authenticity: Homemade salads may lack the precise flavor profile of Din Tai Fung’s closely guarded recipe.
  • Convenience: Store-bought salads offer convenience and save time but might compromise freshness.
  • Preservatives: Homemade versions are free from preservatives, unlike some store-bought options.
  • Serving Size: You can prepare the exact amount needed at home, reducing waste.
  • Experience: Making the salad at home can be a fun and rewarding culinary experience.
  • Ingredient Variations: At home, you can experiment with different ingredients and create unique variations.

How Can You Store Or Preserve The Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe Leftovers?

  • Airtight Container: Store the salad in an airtight container to keep it fresh and prevent odor absorption from the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerate Promptly: Place leftovers in the refrigerator immediately to prevent spoilage.
  • Consume Quickly: Enjoy the salad within 1-2 days, as cucumbers can become soggy.
  • Avoid Freezing: Freezing is not recommended as it can drastically alter the texture of the cucumbers.
  • Drain Excess Liquid: Drain any excess liquid before storing to prevent sogginess.
  • Keep Dressing Separate: Store the dressing separately and mix just before serving.
  • Check for Freshness: Before consuming leftovers, check for any signs of spoilage.
  • Do Not Reheat: This salad is best enjoyed cold and should not be reheated.
  • Label and Date: Mark the storage container with the date to keep track of freshness.
  • Use Clean Utensils: Always use clean utensils when serving leftovers to prevent contamination.
Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe

Special Tools & Equipment List

  • Sharp Chef’s Knife: Essential for thinly slicing cucumbers evenly.
  • Cutting Board: Preferably a large one, for ample space while chopping ingredients.
  • Mixing Bowls: A set of mixing bowls for preparing the salad and dressing.
  • Whisk: For emulsifying the dressing ingredients thoroughly.
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons: For precise measurement of ingredients.
  • Vegetable Peeler: Useful if peeling the cucumbers is preferred.
  • Salad Spinner: It is helpful to dry the cucumbers after rinsing.
  • Grater or Garlic Press: For mincing the garlic finely.
  • Serving Bowl: An attractive serving bowl to present the salad.
  • Tongs or Salad Servers: For tossing and serving the salad.
  • Airtight Container: For storing leftovers effectively.
  • Refrigerator: Essential for chilling the salad and marinating the cucumbers.
  • Paper Towels: Useful for patting dry the cucumbers after rinsing.
  • Small Bowl: For mixing the dressing separately before adding it to the salad.
  • Chili Oil Dispenser: If using chili oil as a topping, for controlled drizzling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Regular Cucumbers Instead Of Persian Cucumbers?

Yes, you can use regular cucumbers as a substitute for Persian cucumbers in the salad. However, Persian cucumbers are preferred for their crisp texture and mild flavor.

If using regular cucumbers, it’s a good idea to peel and seed them, as their skin can be thicker and their seeds larger, which might affect the salad’s texture.

How Long Can I Store The Salad In The Refrigerator?

The salad is best consumed within 1-2 days of preparation. After this, the cucumbers may lose their crunch and become soggy. Store the salad in an airtight container in the refrigerator to maintain freshness.

Can I Make This Salad Ahead Of Time?

Yes, you can prepare the salad ahead of time. Allowing the cucumbers to marinate in the dressing for a few hours enhances the flavors.

Remember to add crunchy toppings like sesame seeds right before serving to maintain their texture.

Is The Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe Gluten-Free?

The salad can be gluten-free if you ensure that all the ingredients, particularly soy sauce and mirin used in the dressing, are gluten-free. Always check the labels if you’re catering to a gluten-free diet.

Can I Add Protein To This Salad?

Absolutely! Adding protein like grilled chicken, shrimp, or tofu can make this salad more substantial. The cucumber’s light and refreshing taste pairs well with various proteins, making it versatile and suitable for a heartier dish.

Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe - A Refreshing Nutritious Meal

Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe – A Refreshing Nutritious Meal

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The Din Tai Fung Cucumber Salad Recipe is a delightful appetizer known for its refreshing and crisp taste. This salad features thinly sliced Persian cucumbers tossed in a savory and slightly spicy dressing made from rice vinegar, mirin, sugar, sesame oil, and garlic. It’s a perfect blend of simple ingredients that create a light yet flavorful dish. The salad is best served chilled and garnished with chili oil and sesame seeds for an extra zing.


  • 8 8 Persian Cucumbers (Sliced Into 1/2-Inch Thick Pieces)

  • Tablespoons Kosher Salt

  • 3 Tablespoons 3 Rice Vinegar

  • 2 Tablespoons 2 Sugar

  • 1 ½ Tablespoons 1 ½ Mirin

  • 1 ½ Tablespoons 1 ½ Sesame Oil

  • 3 3 Garlic Cloves

  • ½ Teaspoon ½ Kosher Salt

Step-By-Step Directions

  • Gather Ingredients: Before beginning, ensure you have all the ingredients measured and ready.

    Medium Mixing Bowl: Use a medium-sized mixing bowl to provide enough space to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Mixing The Ingredients
    Add all your ingredients to the mixing bowl. This includes your main ingredient (like cucumbers, lettuce, or other salad greens) and any dressings, spices, or additional components like nuts, cheese, or fruits.

    Use a salad spoon or tongs to mix the ingredients gently but thoroughly. Ensure that the dressing and spices are evenly distributed throughout the salad.
  • Taste And Season
    After mixing, take a small taste of the salad.

    If you feel it needs more flavor, add a bit more salt or chili powder, depending on your preference. The key is to add in small increments, as it’s easier to add more than to correct an overly seasoned salad.
  • Final Toss
    Once you’ve adjusted the seasoning, give the salad one final toss to mix in the added seasonings.
  • Serve Immediately Or Chill
    The salad can be served immediately if desired.

    Alternatively, if you prefer a colder salad, you can cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it chill in the refrigerator briefly before serving.
  • Presentation
    Transfer The salad to a serving bowl or dish when ready to serve.
    For an appealing presentation, you may garnish with additional toppings like herbs, nuts, or a sprinkle of cheese.

Recipe Video


  • For The best flavor, use fresh, firm cucumbers.
  • Adjust The garlic and chili to your taste preference.
  • The salad can be prepared beforehand, making it great for gatherings.
  • It’s a healthy, low-calorie option suitable for various diets.
  • Experiment With additional toppings like toasted nuts or herbs for variation.
  • For The best taste, remember to let the cucumbers marinate in the dressing for at least 4 hours.
  • This dish is a wonderful way to start a meal or as a side to complement heavier dishes.

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