Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe – A Classic Mediterranean Dish

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Experience the delightful harmony of flavors in our Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe, a classic Mediterranean dish that’s light yet satisfying. This comforting soup features a savory chicken broth, enriched with a silky mixture of eggs and fresh lemon juice, creating a creamy texture with a zesty kick. The addition of tender rice and a sprinkle of dill adds depth and complexity to this simple yet elegant dish. It’s like a warm, comforting hug in a bowl, perfect for any season or occasion.

Embarking on a culinary voyage to the sun-drenched landscapes of Greece, let’s explore a dish that’s been warming hearts and homes for generations — Greek Egg Lemon Soup recipe or Avgolemono Soup recipe as it’s traditionally known.

Fusing three ingredients — eggs, lemons, and chicken broth, this classic Greek delicacy offers a symphony of flavors that’s both comforting and refreshing.

Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

With origins dating back to ancient times, Avgolemono is more than just a soup; it’s a testament to the Greek ethos of maximizing simple ingredients to create something sublime.

The smooth, creamy texture from the eggs contrasts the zesty, tangy notes of lemon, while the savory chicken broth grounds the dish with a comforting familiarity.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook looking to expand your international cuisine repertoire or a curious novice eager to try something new, this Avgolemono recipe will help you bring a slice of Mediterranean charm into your kitchen.

Let’s journey together through its history, preparation, and, most importantly, the joy of savoring each spoonful.

What Is Greek Egg-Lemon Soup?

Greek Egg Lemon Soup, Avgolemono, is a comforting dish, perfect for any season. It’s made from a wholesome chicken broth base, enriched by a blend of eggs and lemons. This harmonious combination gives the soup its creamy consistency and zesty kick.

Often, it’s studded with tender chicken pieces and cooked rice or orzo for added heartiness. Delightfully tangy and comforting, Avgolemono effortlessly marries simplicity with complex flavors, bringing you a spoonful of Greek tradition right home.

Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

Can You Vary The Soup With Other Ingredients? 

  • Grains Traditionally, rice or orzo pasta is used, but you could switch it up with other grains like farro or quinoa for a different texture.
  • Protein Though chicken is commonly used, you can replace it with turkey, fish, or even tofu for a vegetarian version.
  • Vegetables Feel free to add vegetables like peas, carrots, or spinach to increase the nutritional profile and add color to the dish.
  • Herbs Dill, parsley, or even mint could be added for an extra burst of flavor.
  • Spices You could introduce a hint of heat with a dash of cayenne pepper or deepen the flavors with a touch of turmeric or saffron.
  • Broth If you prefer a vegetarian or vegan version, replace the chicken broth with a robust vegetable broth and use a plant-based egg substitute.
Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

Recipe Directions

  1. Prepare the Broth: In a large pot, bring your chicken broth to a simmer. If you’re using grains like rice or orzo, cook them separately as per packet instructions, then add to the simmering broth.
  2. Prepare the Egg-Lemon Mixture: In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs until frothy. Add the lemon juice to the eggs, continuing to whisk until well incorporated.
  3. Temper the Eggs: To prevent the eggs from scrambling, gradually ladle some hot broth into the egg-lemon mixture, whisking continuously. This process, known as tempering, will slowly heat the eggs.
  4. Combine and Serve: Pour the tempered egg-lemon mixture back into the pot with the remaining broth, stirring well. If you’re using chicken, add it now. Cook on low heat until the soup thickens slightly. Season with salt and pepper, then serve immediately, garnished with fresh herbs if desired. Remember, do not let the soup come to a boil after adding the egg mixture to keep its smooth, creamy texture
Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

Variations, Add-Ons And Toppings 


  • Vegetarian: Replace chicken broth with vegetable broth and use tofu or chickpeas as a protein alternative.
  • Seafood: Swap chicken with shrimp or white fish for a maritime twist.


  • Vegetables: Add peas, carrots, celery, or spinach for extra nutrients and color.
  • Grains: Use different grains like quinoa, farro, or barley instead of traditional rice or orzo.
  • Protein: Consider other proteins like turkey or meatballs for a different take.


  • Fresh Herbs: Garnish with fresh herbs such as dill, parsley, or chives for an added pop of color and new flavor.
  • Cheese: Sprinkle a little feta cheese to add a salty element that complements the tangy soup.
  • Zest: Add a little extra lemon zest on top for an additional citrusy punch.
  • Croutons: If you like a bit of crunch in your soup, homemade croutons make a great topping.
Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

Can I Make Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe In A Slow Cooker Or Instant Pot?

Slow Cooker

  • Prepare your ingredients: If you’re using chicken, cook it first, then shred it. If you’re using rice or orzo, cook separately.
  • Combine ingredients: Add the cooked rice or orzo, shredded chicken, and broth to your slow cooker.
  • Slow Cook: Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours.
  • Finish with Egg-Lemon Mixture: About 30 minutes before serving, temper your egg-lemon mixture with hot soup, then stir it back into the slow cooker. Cook on high for 15-30 minutes until the soup thickens.

Instant Pot

  • Saute: If you’re using raw chicken, use the sauté function to cook it, then remove and shred.
  • Pressure Cook: Add your broth and cooked rice or orzo to the pot. Seal the lid, set the valve to “sealing,” and pressure cook on high for 5 minutes.
  • Quick Release & Add Egg-Lemon Mixture: Once the pressure cooking is done, do an immediate release. Temper your egg-lemon mixture with the hot soup, then stir it into the pot.
  • Thicken the Soup: Use the sauté function to heat the soup, stirring continuously until it thickens. Be careful not to let it boil.
Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

Can I Use Store-Bought Broth, Or Should I Make My Own?

While homemade broth is often preferred for its superior flavor and ability to control salt content, you can use store-bought broth for Avgolemono Soup. It’s a convenient option that can significantly cut down on prep time.

If you’re going the store-bought route, opt for a low-sodium, high-quality broth. The flavor of the broth plays a significant role in the soup, so the better your broth, the better your Avgolemono will be.

Low-sodium versions allow you to control the soup’s saltiness more effectively.

Having the time and ingredients to make your broth will likely result in a more flavorful and wholesome Avgolemono.

Homemade chicken broth is delicious, but vegetable broth would also work well if you prefer a vegetarian soup.

Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

How To Serve ?

  • Freshness: Avgolemono is best served immediately after it’s made. The soup has a creamy, smooth consistency when fresh, which can change if left to sit or reheated.
  • Temperature: Serve Avgolemono hot but not boiling. The ideal temperature is warm enough to be comforting but not so hot that it could risk curdling the eggs or making them uncomfortable to eat.
  • Garnish: Add your garnish right before serving. This could be a sprinkle of fresh herbs, a lemon zest twist, or a black pepper grind.
  • Serving Dish: Use warm soup bowls or cups to keep the soup at the right temperature for longer.
  • Sides: Avgolemono pairs well with a fresh, crisp salad or crusty bread. If serving as a starter, keep portion sizes smaller.
  • Presentation: For an added touch, drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the soup before serving.
Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

Perfect Side Dishes

  • Greek Salad: This light, fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and feta cheese would provide a nice contrast to the creamy soup.
  • Crusty Bread: A piece of fresh, warm bread or a baguette would be perfect for dipping into the soup and absorbing its flavors.
  • Grilled Chicken or Fish: A main course of grilled chicken or fish could complement it nicely if you’re serving the Avgolemono as a starter.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Vegetables roasted with olive oil, herbs, and a touch of lemon would echo the flavors in the soup.
  • Tzatziki and Pita: The cool, creamy tzatziki sauce and warm pita bread would pair well with the tangy, hot soup.
  • Spanakopita: This savory Greek spinach and feta pie would provide a textural contrast and shared culinary theme.
Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

Storage And Move Ahead

  • Storage: After cooking, allow the Greek Egg Lemon Soup to cool completely before transferring it to an airtight container. Refrigerate for up to 3 days. Avoid freezing as it can cause the soup to separate upon thawing.
  • Make Ahead: Prepare the soup as instructed, excluding the addition of eggs and lemon juice. Store the base soup separately in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. When ready to serve, reheat the base soup and proceed with adding beaten eggs and lemon juice, ensuring a fresh and vibrant flavor.
Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

What Can We Do With The Leftovers?

  • Reheat and Enjoy: Simply reheat the soup gently on the stovetop or in the microwave until warmed through and enjoy it as is.
  • Add Protein: Enhance the soup by adding cooked chicken, shrimp, or tofu for extra protein and texture.
  • Serve Over Rice or Pasta: Pour the soup over cooked rice or pasta to create a heartier meal.
  • Make a Casserole: Mix the soup with cooked pasta, chicken, or vegetables, top with cheese, and bake until bubbly for a comforting casserole dish.
  • Create a Sauce: Use the soup as a sauce for grilled or roasted vegetables, fish, or chicken.
  • Freeze for Later: If you have too much leftover, freeze it in portions for quick and easy meals on busy days.


  • Use homemade chicken broth for a richer flavor profile in your Greek egg lemon soup.
  • Add a pinch of nutmeg to enhance the depth of flavor without overpowering the delicate balance of lemon and egg.
  • For a heartier version, incorporate cooked shredded chicken into the soup before adding the egg-lemon mixture.
  • Garnish each serving with a sprinkle of fresh dill or parsley for a burst of color and herbaceous aroma.
  • To achieve the perfect creamy consistency, whisk the eggs and lemon juice together vigorously before tempering them with a small amount of hot broth.
  • Serve the soup with a side of crusty bread or toasted pita chips for dipping and soaking up every last drop.
Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe - A Classic Mediterranean Dish

Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe – A Classic Mediterranean Dish

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Avgolemono Soup is a comforting Greek classic, blending the tangy freshness of lemons with the richness of eggs into a smooth, velvety broth. Often accompanied by chicken, rice, and orzo, this soup offers a delightful harmony of flavors and textures, making it a truly soothing and satisfying dish.


  • 2 Quarts 2 Chicken Stock, Homemade

  • 8 Cups 8 Low-Sodium Store-Bought

  • 1/2 lb 1/2 Orzo (Or Rice)

  • 3 3 Extra Large Eggs

  • 1/2 Cup 1/2 Fresh Lemon Juice

  • Kosher Salt (To Taste)

  • Fresh Black Pepper (To Taste)

Step-By-Step Directions

  • Prepare The Broth
    Bring 4 cups of chicken or vegetable broth to a simmer in a large pot or Dutch oven.
  • Cook The Grain
    If you’re using rice or orzo, add it to the simmering broth and cook until tender, usually around 10-15 minutes.
  • Prepare The Egg-Lemon Mixture
    While the grain is cooking, whisk together 3 egg yolks and the juice of 2 lemons in a separate bowl until well combined.
  • Temper The Eggs
    Once the grain is cooked, slowly ladle some hot broth into step, called tempering, prevents the eggs from curdling.
  • Combine The Soup
    Slowly stir the tempered egg-lemon mixture into the pot with the broth and grain, stirring constantly until the soup thickens slightly.
  • Add Protein
    If you’re using pre-cooked chicken or another protein, add it now and stir until it’s heated through.
  • Season
    Taste the soup and add salt and pepper as needed.
  • Serve
    Ladle the soup into bowls, garnish as desired, and serve immediately.
  • Large Pot Or Dutch Oven
  • Whisk
  • Bowls
  • Ladle 
  • Citrus Juicer 
  • Measuring Cups And Spoons
  • Knife And Cutting Board 


  • Tempering The Eggs: This step is crucial to achieving the soup’s smooth texture. Add the hot broth slowly and whisk constantly to prevent the eggs from cooking too quickly and curdling.
  • Adjust To Taste: The amount of lemon juice can be adjusted depending on how tangy you prefer your soup. Start with the juice of 1 lemon, taste, and add more as needed.
  • Optional Ingredients: Traditional Avgolemono often contains chicken and rice, but you can omit or replace them with other proteins or grains. For a vegetarian version, use vegetable broth and consider adding cooked vegetables for more substance.
  • Garnishes: Remember to garnish before serving. Fresh herbs, a grind of black pepper, or a drizzle of olive oil can elevate the dish’s presentation and flavor.
  • Serving Fresh: Avgolemono is best enjoyed immediately after it’s made. The soup tends to thicken as it stands, so you may need to add a little water or extra broth when reheating.

Nutrition Table

Greek Egg Lemon Soup Recipe

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