Tasty And Easy-To-Make 22 Soup And Broth Recipes For Weight Loss

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Looking to lose weight but tired of salads and smoothies? Try 22 Weight Loss Soup Recipes and Broth Recipes. Soups and broths can be your new best friends in the weight loss journey. They’re low in calories, easy to prepare, and incredibly satisfying. 

You won’t miss out on taste with flavors ranging from tangy tomato to hearty chicken. Fill up without the guilt. The recipes include nutrients like vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. 

Swap your high-calorie meals for these liquid wonders. Your scale and your taste buds will thank you. Whether you’re a soup novice or a culinary whiz, these recipes will fit seamlessly into your weight loss plan. Get ready to simmer, slurp, and slim down.

The Science Behind Weight Loss Soups & Broths

  • Nutritional Powerhouses: Discuss the rich nutrient profile of ingredients often found in weight loss soups and broths, such as vegetables, lean proteins, and certain spices.
  • Satiety and Fullness: Dive into how certain ingredients, like fiber-rich vegetables and legumes, promote a feeling of fullness, thus aiding in reduced calorie consumption.
  • Metabolism Boosters: Highlight ingredients suggested to boost metabolism or aid in fat burning, like capsicum or ginger.
  • Bone Broth Benefits: Touch upon the potential benefits of bone broths, including joint health, gut health, and its low-calorie content.
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Weight Loss Soup & Broth Recipes

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Tips For Crafting The Perfect Weight Loss Soup Or Broth

  • Choosing the Right Base: Discuss the differences and benefits of various soup bases, from vegetable to bone broths.
  • Spicing It Up: Suggest how to flavor soups without adding unnecessary calories. Talk about herbs, spices, and umami-rich ingredients that can elevate the taste without compromising the calorie count.
  • Bulk Up with Veggies: Emphasize the importance of incorporating a variety of vegetables to ensure a mix of vitamins and minerals and to increase the soup’s volume without significantly adding to its calorie content.
  • Lean Proteins: Provide insights into why and how to include lean protein sources, such as legumes, tofu, or chicken breast, to support muscle maintenance during weight loss.

Vegetarian & Vegan Weight Loss Soup Recipes

Vegetarian and Vegan soups offer a weight loss wonder. These soups are low in calories and packed with nutrients. They help you feel full without extra pounds.

Every ingredient promotes health and supports slimming. Embrace these flavorful recipes for a leaner you. Ready for some inspiration? Keep reading.

1. Vegetarian Split Pea Soup

Split pea soup is a comforting classic. Using either green or yellow split peas, it melds into a creamy consistency after slow cooking. Mixed with vegetables like carrots, onions, and sometimes potatoes, it delivers a healthful punch. 

As a protein-packed delight, it’s more than just a warm bowl of goodness—it’s a recipe that fills you up without adding unnecessary calories.

2. Spanish Gazpacho

weight loss soup recipes

Spain’s pride, gazpacho, is a cold soup that invigorates the taste buds. Composed of raw vegetables—tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers—it provides a refreshing and zesty bite

Its watery base ensures you’re hydrating while consuming vital nutrients. Not just a taste sensation, it’s also a light option that actively helps in weight reduction.

3. Hearty Cabbage Soup

weight loss soup recipes

Cabbage soup is unpretentious yet satisfying. Using cabbage—a leafy vegetable renowned for its low-calorie and high-fiber attributes—it’s a go-to for Weight Watchers

Complemented by other vegetables and simmered to perfection, it not only bursts with flavor but aids in curbing hunger pangs.

4. Vegan Carrot Soup

weight loss soup recipes

The vegan carrot soup is a symphony of sweet and savory. Using the natural sugars of carrots it creates a gentle and palatable taste.

Every sip feels like a velvety hug to your insides infused with herbs or spices like ginger. Besides its delightful flavor, it’s a low-calorie dish that encourages weight management.

5. Classic Pea Soup

weight loss soup recipes

Pea soup offers more than meets the eye. Its pleasant green hue and slightly sweet undertone make it a favorite among many.

Crafted from garden-fresh or frozen peas, its consistency ranges from chunky to smooth. Beyond its taste, its high protein and fiber content make it a strategic addition to weight loss menus.

6. Kale Soup

weight loss soup recipes

Kale soup is nutrient-dense magic in a bowl. With kale as its cornerstone, this soup often introduces other hearty ingredients like beans, potatoes, or even lentils.

It’s a formidable blend of vitamins, minerals, and fibers, proving that a delicious meal can also be low in calories and fat.

7. Cucumber Soup

weight loss soup recipes

Cucumber soup stands out for its rejuvenating qualities. Often enjoyed cold, its main ingredient—cucumber—is celebrated for its water content and crunchy texture

Paired with yogurt or herbs, it becomes a tangy, refreshing treat. And, given its low-calorie profile, it’s a weight loss enthusiast’s dream.

8. Cabbage Fat Burning Soup

weight loss soup recipes

This isn’t your regular cabbage soup. It’s enhanced with metabolism-boosting spices designed with weight loss in mind.

Its ingredients are meticulously chosen to ensure a low-calorie count, making it a preferred choice for many. It doesn’t compromise on taste, ensuring each spoonful is as delightful as beneficial.

9. Celery Soup

weight loss soup recipes

Celery soup is a minimalist’s delight. With celery as its core—a vegetable known for its high water content—it exudes a unique, delicate flavor.

It takes on a smooth, creamy texture when pureed, making it both a palate-pleaser and a guilt-free meal. Its naturally low-calorie composition makes it an ideal choice for weight-conscious individuals.

Weight Loss Broths And Their Benefits

Broths are a powerhouse of nutrients. Made from simmering bones or vegetables, they pack flavors and health benefits. Consuming broth supports digestion, nourishes joints, and even aids weight loss. 

These liquid golds are versatile in cooking and essential for wellness. Want a tasty weight loss ally? Sip on broths regularly. Ready to see their magic? Start incorporating them into your meals today.

1. Vegetable Broth

weight loss soup recipes

Vegetable broth is nature’s nutrient-rich concoction. It’s simmered to release deep flavors and vital nutrients from vegetables like onions, celery, and carrots. Ideal for vegetarians and health enthusiasts, this broth serves as a base for countless dishes. 

Its lightness ensures that every dish retains freshness. At the same time, the medley of ingredients provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. This simple and versatile broth proves that basic ingredients sometimes yield the most flavorful results.

2. Instant Pot Chicken Broth

weight loss soup recipes

The Instant Pot, a modern culinary marvel, revolutionizes traditional broth-making. Its pressure-cooking capability rapidly extracts flavors from chicken bones and meat, producing a robust broth in a fraction of the usual time. 

This method retains more nutrients and offers a depth of flavor unparalleled by other quick methods. With the ease and speed of the Instant Pot, producing homemade, aromatic chicken broth becomes a daily possibility, turning ordinary meals into gourmet experiences.

3. Homemade Bone Broth

weight loss soup recipes

A treasure trove of nutrients, homemade bone broth stands apart. Slow-cooked bones release collagen, amino acids, and essential minerals into the broth, promoting gut health and enhancing skin elasticity. 

The slow simmering process extracts a rich, deep flavor, yielding a broth that’s as delicious as beneficial. Made at home, it ensures authenticity, purity, and maximum nutrition, proving that the best things often require time and patience.

4. Bonito Broth

Bonito broth introduces a culinary journey to the oceans. Made from bonito, a variety of tuna, it exudes a deep umami flavor, which is smoky and profoundly marine. This broth, popular in many Asian dishes, relies on gently simmering dried bonito flakes. 

The outcome is a clear, aromatic broth that is the backbone of many iconic recipes. It explores flavors, bridging the gap between sea and table.

5. Shrimp Shell Broth

Shrimp shell broth exemplifies culinary creativity. Shrimp shells, often discarded, are packed with flavor. They release a rich seafood essence that adds depth to any dish when simmered. 

The broth is a testament to sustainability and innovation in the kitchen. Every sip is a flavorful reminder of the ocean’s bounty, encouraging a new perspective on often-overlooked ingredients.

6. Slow Cooker Broth

Slow cookers bring convenience and depth to broth-making. By allowing ingredients to stew over extended periods, flavors meld and intensify. The method is passive but results in a broth bursting with character. 

Whether using vegetables, chicken, or beef, the slow-cooked method ensures a consistent, rich taste. It’s the epitome of setting, forgetting, and then savoring.

7. Mixed Bone Broth

Combining diverse flavors, mixed bone broth offers a culinary adventure. The broth takes on a multidimensional taste profile using a variety of bones, such as chicken and beef. 

Every bone imparts its unique essence, creating a complex and flavorful broth. It showcases the synergy of ingredients and how, in the right combination, they can elevate a dish to new heights.

8. Herb Broth

A fragrant blend of nature, herb broth is like a warm herbal embrace. Infusing water with aromatic herbs like rosemary, basil, and thyme creates a soothing and flavorful broth

It’s more than just a liquid; it’s an aromatic experience, perfect for sipping on its own or adding depth to other dishes. It’s a gentle reminder of nature’s flavors and their comforting effects.

9. Pheasant Broth

Pheasant broth, with its gamey undertones, stands out in the world of broths. Using pheasant, a wild bird, yields a rich and distinctively flavored broth. 

Carefully simmered bones and meat from the pheasant create a gourmet experience in every bowl. This broth adds a unique touch to meals and tastes wild indoors.

10. Allspice Broth

Allspice broth infuses the traditional broth with a touch of warmth and spice. The peppery and clove-like nuances of allspice elevate the broth’s flavor, making it aromatic and slightly sweet. 

Every sip is a blend of warmth, comfort, and a hint of the exotic, making it perfect for those looking to add a unique twist to their culinary repertoire.

11. Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is the cornerstone of many culinary traditions. Produced by simmering chicken bones and meat, its versatility is unmatched. A rich source of nutrients, it complements many dishes, from soups to stews. 

Beyond its widespread use, it remains a beloved staple due to its comforting nature, aromatic presence, and the wholesome nourishment it provides.

12. Herbed Beef Shank Broth

Beef shank, with its rich marrow, is a powerhouse of flavor. The resulting broth is a meaty, hearty delight when simmered with herbs.

Combining beefy robustness with aromatic herbs provides a depth of flavor that’s both comforting and satisfying. This broth is a testament to the richness and complexity beef shank can introduce to a simple liquid.

13. Oven-Baked Broth

Oven-baked broth showcases innovation in broth-making, venturing beyond traditional methods. Roasting ingredients in the oven first adds a caramelized, smoky depth to the broth

This unique technique intensifies flavors, creating a rich and layered broth. It’s a fresh take on an age-old process, proving that even classic recipes can embrace modern twists.

Substitutions For Weight Loss Soups And Broths

If you’re looking to swap out traditional soups and broths for lighter, weight-loss-friendly alternatives, here are some substitutions:

For Traditional Beef Broth

  • Substitute: Mushroom Broth. Loaded with umami flavor, a mushroom-based broth can offer depth without the added fat from beef.

For Creamy Soups (like Clam Chowder)

  • Substitute: Puréed Vegetable Soup. Think butternut squash, cauliflower, or broccoli soups, which get their creaminess from the vegetables rather than heavy cream.

For Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Substitute: Chicken Vegetable Soup with Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles). Get comfort without the carbs by replacing traditional noodles with spiralized zucchini.

For Hearty Meat Stews

  • Substitute: Bean or Lentil Stews. Legumes are high in protein and fiber, giving that satisfying fullness without the meat.

For Bone Broths

  • Substitute: Seaweed or Kombu Broth. These provide rich minerals and flavors without relying on animal bones.

For Ramen or Pho Broth

  • Substitute: Vegetable Broth with Miso or Tamari. It’s still savory and filling, but minus the animal fats.

For Cheese or Cream-based Soups

  • Substitute: Nut-based Cream Soups. Cashew, almond, or coconut milk can be blended to create creamy soups without dairy.

For Tomato-based Broths

  • Substitute: Tomato and Bell Pepper Broth. You can achieve a rich, satisfying base without added sugars by blending roasted bell peppers with tomatoes.

For Beef or Pork-based Soups

  • Substitute: Tofu or Tempeh-based Soups. Both tofu and tempeh can take on robust flavors and offer a protein-packed punch without the saturated fats from meat.

For Traditional Chicken Broth

  • Substitute: Herbal Broth with Ginger and Lemongrass. This combination is both warming and aromatic, offering depth of flavor without relying on poultry.


Weight loss soup recipes and broths are flavorful and packed with nutrients. They offer a satisfying way to reduce calories without sacrificing taste. Rich in vegetables, lean proteins, and vital minerals, these soups support your weight loss journey. 

The benefits? Improved digestion, boosted metabolism, and overall better health. Ready to shed those extra pounds? Incorporate these soups and broths into your diet and see the difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Eat These Soups Every Day?

Including these weight-loss soups and broths in your daily meal plan is great. They’re packed with essential nutrients and can be a significant part of a balanced diet. 

However, incorporating other foods is also essential to ensure you get a full range of nutrients. Rotate between different soups to keep your meals diverse and exciting.

Do I Have To Make Them From Scratch?

While making these soups from scratch is the best way to ensure they’re fresh and free from unwanted additives, it’s only sometimes feasible for everyone. If you’re pressed for time, you can consider store-bought versions. 

Just be diligent in checking the ingredient list for any added sugars, sodium, or preservatives. Often, fresh is best, but a well-chosen store variant can be a good backup.

Are These Soups And Broths Keto-Friendly?

Some soups and broths listed are inherently keto-friendly due to their low carbohydrate content. For those with higher-carb ingredients, it’s quite simple to make modifications. 

For instance, you can replace high-carb vegetables with lower-carb alternatives or increase the fat content by adding coconut oil or butter to fit the keto profile.

Can I Freeze These Soups And Broths?

Most of these soups and broths freeze beautifully, making them perfect for meal prep. Making a large batch and storing portions in the freezer for future meals is convenient. 

However, a word of caution: soups containing dairy can sometimes separate or change texture upon thawing. It’s often best to add any dairy components fresh when reheating.

How Quickly Can I Expect Weight Loss Results?

Weight loss results can vary widely based on an individual’s metabolism, activity level, and overall dietary habits. Pair them with regular exercise and stay consistent in your health goals for best results.

While these soups are designed to support weight loss by being nutrient-dense and lower in calories, they should be part of a broader, balanced diet and lifestyle.

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